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DII microfiber dishcloths loosen food & grease for easy cleaning of dirty countertops, dishes, and pans. Microfiber gets underneath the dirt and germs, lifting them from the surface and trapping them until the cloth or mop is laundered. Microfiber is densely constructed polyester and polyamide (nylon) fibers that are approximately 1/16th the thickness of a human hair. When woven together, these fibers create a net-like surface area, covered with millions of spaces to trap moisture, dirt and debris. The micro-fibers are able to get into tiny nooks and crevices whereas the traditional cotton cloth and mop fibers cannot. The nylon component of the fiber also produces a static charge that attracts dirt, pulling it in and trapping it until the cloth or pad is washed.

  • Set of 3 dishclothes to tackle all of your drying, wiping and cleaning kitchen tasks.
  • Tightly woven 100% cotton fabric which last long and can hold up to your washings - purchase confidently.
  • These towels are lightweight, super absorbent and dry quickly; machine washable and durable for daily use -get the job done quickly the right way with our dish cloths!
  • This easy care dishcloths come with multiple colers, perfect to coordinate with any kitchen and make great housewarming and hostess gifts.
  • Wash with cold water in gentle cycle & tumble dry low. For best results, wash separately on first use to minimize lint.

SKU Number: 91899999999
UPC Number: 072456918994
Brand: DII

Weight 1.00 lb 1.00 lb
Dimensions 13.00" x 13.00" x 0.10" 9.06" x 5.70" x 2.17"

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