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Choose the green alternative by swapping out your old plastic bottles for glass. These beautiful bottles come with reusable chalk labels so you won't forget what's in them. The perfect size bottles for mixing your essential oils and carriers, or making up your own product mixtures such as cleaning supplies or aromatherapy for your home! Here are three recipes to get you inspired! ALL NATURAL LEMON SCENTED DUSTING SPRAY: 1 cup Distilled Water 1/4 cup Vinegar 2 tsp Olive Oil 10-15 drops Europa Essentials Lemon Oil STREAK FREE WINDOW CLEANER: 4 tsp White Ammonia 1/3 cup Rubbing Alcohol 1 drop Liquid Dish Soap Fill rest of bottle with Water POO SPRAY AIR FRESHENER: 6 tbsp Vodka (or Rubbing Alcohol or Witch Hazel) 4 cup Distilled Water 60 drops Europa Essentials Grapefruit Oil 40 drops Europa Essentials Lavender Oil 4-10 drops Europa Essentials Peppermint Oil

  • Set of 2 - clear glass bottles protect your essential oils and make the perfect size mixing container. Bottles are bpa free and bleach safe.
  • Reusable bottles and chalkboard labels (chalk not included). Glass prevents chemicals from absorbing into the bottle, unlike some plastics.
  • Use for creating massage oils, cleaning sprays, beauty mixtures, fresh scents, watering your plants & succulents & more!
  • Adjustable squeeze-handle pump sprayer can be set to stream or spray settings.
  • 6.75""h x 2.5""D - (8.25"" total height with sprayer). bottles are dishwasher-safe (chalk labels are not). Squirt out excess liquids and hand wash spray top. Wipe chalk labels clean with damp cloth and blot dry.

SKU Number: Z01495-FNSKU
UPC Number: 072724014953
Brand: DII

Weight 1.50 lb 1.50 lb
Dimensions 14.17"" x 14.17"" x 14.96"" 8.13"" x 16.00"" x 22.35""

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